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Welcome to 2013Scholarships.com.  This is a useful and resourceful website that can help you gather the right information to apply for and possibly receive a 2013 Scholarship, 2013 Student Grant, 2013 Pell Grant or a 2013 Free Grant for students.  Most of the popular student scholarships for 2013 will be offered and based on the students merit and need.  Most of the 2013 Scholarships will come directly from the students college or university of choice.  If by chance you have other special talents or skills you will also have a good chance of receiving a 2013 Scholarship from other out side organizations.

There are many different types of aid, grants, financial help, student loans and other type of programs that can help offset the cost of a higher education.  From the free Pell Grants for 2013 to the Free College Grants for 2013 there may be a funding source waiting for you today.  The usual process is started with a student filling out the FAFSA application which will then mandate you receiving your Student Aid Report that gives you an outline and guide to what type of financial aid you may be in line for.  Anytime you can get this type of information, it helps you plan ahead with the use and source of your funds that will be coming your way for the 2013 school year and beyond.

A good idea is for you to always start your process of finding and applying for any type of 2013 Scholarships early.  Believe it or not, there will be thousands of other students looking and applying for Student Loans, Educational Grants, Scholarships, Pell Grants and other forms of financial aid for the 2013 school year.  Start early and get your apps in order and the process down.  Many times we see where students wait too long before they apply and this does not leave them with any wiggle room or the funds that they were applying for have already been committed to other students.  This is a first come, first qualified type of deal so get off the couch and start the work early.

You will see that there are many different types of funds made available for the 2012 Scholarship year including 2013 Minority Scholarship, Free Student Grants, College Grants, Pell Grants, Student Loans, Direct Loans, College Scholarships, Educational Grants and others.  Many local communities have clubs and associations that try to help worthy students each year with certain types of financial aid including grants and scholarships.  These clubs can include Rotary Scholarships, Kiwanis Scholarships, Medical Group and Hospital Scholarships, Military ROTC Scholarships and other types of corporate and business group funding for students.  These forms of funds can be a one time deal or they may be for each semester of your college life or other terms and times may apply.  Checking locally and checking early can really help you get the foot in the door for these great local aid deals.

Many types of companies and corporations have programs that will or could help a future employee with school costs.  This also includes active employees with the company whereby they may help with all tuition, books and out of pocket costs for their employees if they want to continue their education.  These types of 2013 Financial Aid is not available to all and in most cases you either need to work at the company or have a family member that works at the company to even apply and be considered for this type of financial aid for 2013.  One of the better educational programs offered would include the Military ROTC Scholarship programs.  For some time and effort while in school and then a certain commitment after you get out of school, most everything could be paid for by the Government.  Not a bad way to get a college education and then put in a few years working for a good cause, our nation.

Then there are many different types of 2013 Scholarships for certain types and classes of students, including 2013 Minority Scholarships whereby if you qualify as a minority, you then have a chance to apply for any type of funds that could be available to you for being a said minority.  No, not everybody will qualify nor will everybody receive money that applies because they do have limits on the funds and they also may have other guidelines and regulations for the funding.  This is still a great way to go if you think you qualify as a Minority of any kind.  With the changing population, who really knows what qualifies as being a Minority anymore.  So, the best thing to do is start your FAFSA early and also check into some of the many other sources for funds online and see where you could be heading.  With the many different sources of 2013 Financial Grants and Student Grants available today the wise student will start early and apply as many times as possible for the 2013 Grants and Free Student Grants because these types of funds do not need to be paid back. 

The same goes with 2013 Pell Grants and other 2013 Scholarships, these types of funds and awards do not need to be paid back once you leave school, unlike 2013 Student Loans.  When you apply for and receive any of these great Grants for the 2013 school year, depending on the rules and conditions, you should not have to repay these funds because they were Granted to you without recourse or repayment terms required.  Now, with that said, you always want to make sure that you are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Grant and make sure that you fill out all applications in an honest and correct manner.  When you start the application process make sure that you complete each and every question and condition of each application fully. 

When you send in any of your applications and they are not complete, they will usually just sit in a pile of other incomplete apps that do not get processed.  The people and staff working in all the financial aid departments are great folks and will help you if they can, but, if you send your application incomplete, they will not call you or beg you to finish it.  This might have worked in High School, but, as you step up into further education, things change quickly.  Finish all applications and start early for the best 2013 Scholarships and Free College Grants.  We do not fund any type of scholarships or grants, nor do we recommend any specific lenders for any of the Student Loans.  Please do not apply to us for any type of financial aid or help.  We are only a source of information that may be able to help you understand what is available and how to go about applying for it.  Good luck.







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